LOCATION : 45 kms from Chandigarh city

TIMINGS : 9 : 00 A.M. to 5 : 00 P.M , All days

HEIGHT :1267 metres

ENTRY FEE : Rs 50 for Adults and Rs 30 for children below 10

The name of Morni is believed to derive from a queen who once ruled the area.It is known for its Himalayan views, flora, and lakes.

A hill divides the two lakes, the larger one is callled Tikkar Taal which is 550 meter wide and 460 meter long and the smaller one is called Chota Tikkar Taal (meaning the little tikkar lake) is 365 meter wide and long, as the legend goes there is be a hidden channel linking them, as the water level of two lakes remains roughly the same. Morni locals look upon the lakes as sacred

A 12th century temple exists near the tikkar taal and an archaeological dig uncovered 12th century artifacts which are kept there in the open.

Wildlife at Morni Hills : It has a great coverage of flora and a lot of wild animals can also be seen here. The animals that make this their home include jackals, Langurs, Hare, Hyenas, Neelgai, Wild Boars, Barking Deer, Sambar and even Leopards. There are three man-made lakes in this region as well. Dormitory accommodation for campers is also available.


“Morni has a fascinating range of flora and fauna. Pines crown the hilltops and trees like neem, oak, pipal, jamun, amaltas and jacaranda cover the slopes. When the flowering trees blossom, the hillsides are awash with colour, presenting a delightful sight. A must visit it is!”