LOCATION :  Sector 31 A

TIMINGS :  4:30  A.M.  to 11: 00 P.M

AREA : 13 acres

ENTRY FEE : Free of Cost

Japanese garden is the latest addition to the beauty  of Chandigarh. This Japanese style park ,showcase the Japanese culture, art and various types of plants. The main attractions of this garden include a pagoda tower, meditation hut,  zen garden , statues of budha , a small pond with pretend crocodiles, a bridge over the pond and much more.

Pagoda tower (Pagodatawa ) : The original purpose of a Japanese pagoda was to house relics and sacred writings of Buddhist revered figure. The square shape symbolizes the earth. Each level represents one of the five elements : wind, water, earth , fire and sky

Karesansui : A Japanese rock garden or “dry landscape” also called as Zen garden

Meiso koya (Meditation Hut ) : It is a spiritual space created for sitting quietly to calm the mind and also to achieve a relaxed mental state.


“The place’s name i.e Japanese garden amused us to visit it. It was a treat to watch
Japanese Rock Garden (Phase 1 & 2 which is connected by a tunnel), the Lion Dog Sculpture , the Dragon Sculpture and  the Gautam Buddha Statue”

“Japanese garden as the name suggests depicts the culture of Japan with all its tapestries. It is a very nice location to spend a day with friends. It has cool swings too.”