Hair Transplant

India is emerging as a world leader when it comes to hair transplant. The most of the hair transplant
centres in India are equipped with world class infrastructure with fully dedicated hair transplant
teams headed by qualified hair transplant surgeons. This coupled with the relatively low cost of this
treatment when compared to the western countries; makes India the ideal destination for hair
Hair transplant is done using FUE technique which is the latest ‘No incision, No stitch’ technique
(called Follicular unit extraction). In FUE technique, individual hair follicle units are harvested (donor
area can be from back of scalp, chest, arms or legs) and implanted in the bald areas of head or
All the treatments are done in complete privacy.
— Hair Transplant
— Beard Transplant
— Eyebrow Transplant
— Body Hair Transplant
— PRP therapy for Hair Regrowth